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How to Dye Your Hair Naturally (with Coffee)


Tips for Better Results

  • We recommend using organic coffee for a truly natural product. Conventional coffee likely contains residual pesticides, the effects of which on hair cannot be predetermined.
  • Let your coffee cool fully before mixing it with a conditioner product or putting it in a spray bottle. Hot coffee can affect the integrity of conditioner and leech chemicals out of plastic.
  • For darker color, you can add coffee to leave-in conditioner and skip the rinse.
  • Apple cider vinegar can help coffee penetrate the strands of your hair. Use it diluted with water for your first rinse, following up with a short clean water rinse to remove the vinegar smell. This process should allow your color to last longer.
  • If the lingering odor of coffee bothers you, try using black tea as a natural dye Brew a strong dark cup, let it cool, and use the tea to rinse your hair after shampooing.
  • You can also mix ground coffee or instant coffee into conditioner to add an exfoliating component to your treatment.

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